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Robert Borthwick:
I have been taking photos for my own enjoyment since my high school days.  There was a ten year or so break in the middle when I stepped back  from photography, but with the start of the Digital SLR camera’s and the ability to process the photo’s digitally with none of the messy chemicals and no need for a dark room, I got back into the hobby of photography.

Photography is a hobby to me, not a profession, I do not need to make enough money taking photo’s to earn a living. Because of this I can charge a lot less than professional photographers and still provide the customer with a very high quality product.

Recording the memories of our lives is important to all of us.  The capture of these memories can be done in a professional manner and at a cost that does not impact the memories themselves.

Portraits, Senior Pictures, Family & Group Portraits $60.00 per session plus prints

  • Indoor or outdoor portraits
  • Background and lighting for indoor shoots
  • You Choose location (reasonable distance)
  • Unlimited changes of clothing and poses during session
  • Proofs posted to website
  • Minor retouching included
  • Mess

Single Print Price's

  • Size: 4x6


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  • Size: 5x7


    Single print

  • Size: 8x8


    Single print

  • Size: 8x10


    Single print

  • Size: 8x12


    Single Print

  • Size: 11x14


    Single print

  • Size: 12x12


    Single Print

  • Size: 12x18


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  • Size: 16x20


    Single Print

  • Size: 20x30


    Single Print

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