Elysia Gingue, CMT

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500-hour program at Wellness Massage Institute & Center, St. Albans, VT
I am a knowledgeable, professional, caring, and client-centered person.
I believe that healthy touch is necessary for all human beings.
Massage provides benefits from a physical to an emotional basis.
My philosophy is to assist people in being responsible for their well-being.
I care about my client’s well-being and provide a peaceful, nurturing, professional atmosphere where each session is individually customized.


Bowenwork Therapy

A sequence of small movements on specific points of the body with wait periods which stimulate the nervous, musculoskeletal, and fascial systems. It is gentle on the body, appropriate for anyone to receive (newborns, highly-trained athletes, pregnant women, and the elderly), and allows his or her body's need and ability to heal.

Swedish Massage

Relieves tension and stress using long, fluid strokes over the body with oil. Helps to sedate the body, improve circulation, and toxin removal.

Deep Tissue/Sports Massage

Similar to Swedish massage, but with more depth, slower, and usually more regional work. Effective in treating chronic muscle pain and to help those who need deeper work.

Accelerated Healing

A type of Deep Tissue massage that uses point pressure to the muscle while stretching it to elongate the rest of the muscle fibers. Very effective in treating myofascial pain from injuries, chronic overuse, or postural alignment.


Treats the meridians that run through the body that are believed to be connected to our internal organs. It calms, soothes, sedates, and relieves trigger points in the muscles.

Thai Massage

Commonly called double yoga, a practitioner works with the client fully clothed, then performs a sequence of movements to stretch and increase range of motion of the client.

Prenatal Massage

Beneficial to both mother and baby by reducing stress as the body changes throughout the pregnancy.


Stimulation of regions of the foot that reflexively influence other parts of the body. Effective for asthma, digestive disorders, menstrual pain, back pain, and more

Craniosacral Therapy

Gentle techniques to mobilize the bones of the cranium (skull) and affect the membranes and circulation of fluid around the spine. Effective in reducing or eliminating TMJ pain, headaches, migraines, sinus pain, and learning disabilities.


Light hand contact on different areas, mostly the chakras, to help channel healing energy through the body.


  • Bowen Therapy


    We are in best in Bowen Therapy.

  • Massage


    We are best in massage and give this massage for 30 mintues.

  • Massage


    We are best in massage and give this massage for 60 mintues.

  • Massage


    We are best in massage and give this massage for 90 mintues.

  • On-Site Massage


    We are best in On-Site Massage.

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