Mold inspection and testing in VA Beach

Hero Mold Removal provides safe effective methods of mold inspections, testing and remediation. Complete Services we offer to Residential and Business clients: Mold Remediation or more commonly know as Mold Removal, Mold Testing (we take mold and air samples and send them to an unaffiliated Lab.  Mold Inspection, Mold and Mildew Cleaning, Odor Removal, Animal Urine Odor Removal, Smoke Odor Removal. We are eager to help Homeowners, Businesses, House Inspectors, Property Managers, and Real Estate Agents investigate their property for mold infestation with a Free, No Commitments, Mold and Moisture Assessment. We assume potential clients will get at least 3 recommendations for treatment and we want to stand out from the many with a very affordable plan to rid your Home or Business of mold infestation. We don’t operate with scare tactics to pressure a commitment.  We simply provide a written report of our findings and let you decide the next step.

Residential and Commercial Mold Services in VA Beach

Mold is everywhere operating as very important bio decomposers in nature. Problems with mold arise when they multiply and bloom indoors under favorable conditions. All homes have small amounts of mold spores floating through the atmosphere and all they require is a moisture laden cellulose (at one time plant or animal based) surface to grow.  The first step towards controlling a mold infestation is to find the outbreak and its moisture source.  It’s really a misnomer to claim total mold removal because it exists naturally in our world and can never truly be totally removed- mold spores, at anytime, may float back in through a window. Hero Mold Removal removes the conditions that cause the mold to bloom and grow. We then capture the fuzzy odd colored colonies in sealed bags and move them to the dump. However, a dead mold spore will still cause allergic reactions which is why when removing the contamination, a combination of air scrubbers, negative air containment and HEPA vacuuming, all of which ensnares mold spores, will be used to remove all we can. The VA Beach environment is a humid one with plenty of mold spores floating around that a few sooner of later find a spot to thrive inside a home or business. 

Sometimes, Clients with a sick family member will get a request by a Doctor to have mold testing done in their homes for an investigation into what could be causing the illness. Also, sometimes, Clients need mold testing done as a requirement for closing a property sale. As a rule, we will take several air samples throughout the building to test for elevated levels of mold floating through the atmosphere and if mold is discovered blooming we’ll take physical samples of the fungus.  All samples will be sealed carefully then sent to an independent lab to determine species of mold and level of infestation:  Mold Testing and Mold Remediation performed by the same company is a conflict of interest and clients need to know they can trust us not to have those conflicts.  Hero Mold Removal will seal the test samples in the client’s presence, seal in tamper proof packaging and send to the client’s choice of accredited mold testing Lab for analysis. We will provide a list of well-respected Mold Testing Labs.  To learn more about testing pitfalls, click on Mold Testing in VA Beach

Contact Hero Mold Removal of VA Beach, VA for a Free, No Commitments, Mold and Moisture Assessment, we will respond quickly, and at your convenience make a onsite call. 

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