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Law Line is a non-profit legal services law firm, established in 1996, that provides free consultation, advice, and community education for low income Vermonters. We are supported by a grant from the Legal Services Corporation in Washington, D.C. We are available by telephone to any low income Vermonter with a civil legal problem. To find out if you qualify for free legal help, call Vermont Law Help at 1-800-889-2047.

Vermont Law Help

Law Line works together with Vermont Legal Aid to create Vermont Law Help, a website that has information to help Vermonters understand their rights and solve problems; forms and directions to help them get services they need or represent themselves in court for civil (non-criminal) legal troubles; and links, contact information and directions telling them how they may be able to get help from Law Line, Vermont Legal Aid, the courts, state agencies and other organizations.

What You Get

Pre Screened Cases

VVLP staff determines financial eligibility for each client before being referred for pro bono service. Clients are interviewed to determine what legal issues need to be addressed. Your name and phone number is given to the client only after you have talked to VVLP staff and agree to accept the referral.

Reimbursement of Expenses

VVLP will reimburse you for any out of pocket expenses from the case such as: long distance phone calls, copying costs, filing fees and mileage. In some cases, other types of expenses can be reimbursed, however you must get pre-approval from the project.

Access To National Law Centers

As a VVLP pro bono attorney you receive discounts on valuable materials and events from the National Law Centers. There is currently information available on special discounts for pro bono attorneys from the National Consumer Law Center. If you are interested in receiving this information please contact the VVLP. Training Events As a VVLP volunteer you are eligible to receive low cost or free CLE training. Topics for upcoming events include: foreclosure, senior citizen issues and mentoring for new attorneys.

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