About us

About us

Vermont Legal Aid is a non-profit 501(c) 3 law firm established in 1968.

We provide civil legal services for those living in poverty, with a disability, or over age 60. We also serve anyone who is discriminated against in housing decisions and all who face challenges related to health care insurance or services.

We work closely with our partner agency, Legal Services Law Line, which was formed in 1995. Law Line provides a legal advice hotline and manages the Vermont Volunteer Lawyers Project in cooperation with the Vermont Bar Association.

Vermont Legal Aid and Law Line work together to identify innovative and efficient ways to provide legal advice and assistance to as many people as possible, even as funding for free legal services decreases dramatically.

Vermont Law Help (link is external), the website we jointly maintain, provides practical tools and useful information for those who seek to better understand their rights or legal problem or who need to advocate for or represent themselves before state agencies, in fair hearings, or in the courtroom. The site averages 11,000 visits and over 19,000 page views each month.

Together, Vermont Legal Aid and Legal Services Law Line provide advice or representation to more than 13,000 Vermont residents annually.

Our service

  • provide advice, forms and other helpful tools, and information
  • represent clients
  • testify before the legislature or administrative committees and boards about how laws or rules impact Vermonters everyday
  • advocate for new protections or the enforcement of those that already exist and
  • identify and work to correct systemic problems that adversely affect vulnerable people

VLA provides information, advice and representation in a wide range of civil legal areas including health care, housing, education, family law, public benefits, and consumer law. We don’t take criminal cases or traffic violations.

Due to the high level of need, compared with funding, we aren’t able to provide direct help to everyone who is eligible for our services. However, we provide some level of service to as many people as possible; offer practical tools and helpful information on our website; and direct people to other agencies, organizations and legal help.

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