uFound.Us® Booking System

Let your clients request service online instantly. Anytime, Anywhere.

You’ve got your business online.  Now what?

Most internet users – your visitors – prefer to schedule an appointment right away rather than giving you a phone call or going through lengthy forms. Don’t let them walk away.  Imagine you are busy serving your present clients, and got a ton of phone calls from your future and past clients; some simply want to know when you can serve them this weekend, some are following up on the last requests, and others just want to reschedule their appointments

Don’t stop what you are doing to deal with them.  Instead, let uFound.Us assist you and your team, all the way from searching your business page, to learning about you, to connecting with you, and then some.

From The Search

The Directory gives you a page to display the relevant information about your business, from texts to visual contents, to tables.  Anything! Show the  world who you are, what you can offer, at what location and cost, and when you are available to serve your clients, among other things.  Make your listing page look professional and personal, but keep it informative so the learning can be easy to your prospect clients.

To The Connect

Visitors have learned about your business and want to connect with you.  “So what’s the problem?”, you ask. You see, it is midnight, or you are out of the office and enjoying the time with your relatives.  These visitors could leave your business page to find another business that can conveniently take in their service request. You could be losing!

But not with our Booking System. uFound.Us Booking allows your visitors to request services without leaving your business page, or feeling a need to contact you, at anytime, anywhere, in little to no time. And you get peace of mind wherever you are.  Whether you are serving others, or you are chilling out, be virtually reachable.  The easier it is to connect with you, the more connections you get. Let uFound.Us Booking System double your connections, regardless of your experience in your industry.

An Online Booking System forEntrepreneurs

The Power of Doing Big Business

Whether you are small, medium, or that big sized business, uFound.Us® Booking System takes your business to a next level

Fully Manageable Booking System

With uFound.Us® Booking System, you turn your visitors into clients by giving them freedom to request unlimited appointments at anytime and anywhere. Day or night.
Simply sign up for a package of your choice and set things up in little to no time. Add your service, set your availability, add staff members if any, and you are ready to start serving the world.

Online Payment Gateways

Often, folks will request service and fail to show up. Do not fall into that trap anymore. uFound.Us® Booking System allows you to force a security deposit at the time of service request; plus, you set a policy that will be shown to the visitors so they know what will happen if they fail to show up without prior notice. customers can pay in full or whatever value you decide upfront. Simply, enable an online payment processor of your choice: Stripe, Square Up, or PayPal.
You can issue a refund for a canceled or rejected booking in a single click of a second.

SMS and Email Notifications

Unlike most if not any other Booking System you have seen, uFound.Us® Booking System gives you full Email Notifications at no extra charge. SMS notifications are available in certain packages. Yet, you choose who should or should not receive SMS and Email notifications: you, your staff, or clients.
For each appointment status change, as well as appointment reminders, both SMS and email notifications are sent to you, your involved staff member, and client. Never miss a deal!

A Dashboard for You, Staff, and Clients

Manage your schedule, staff members, clients, services, and everything else in a neat and easy to understand dashboard.
Each of your staff members and clients get their own dashboards to manage their profiles. Your staff can set their availability, manage their appointments, and more. Your clients get to reschedule, cancel, and request previously booked services in just a few clicks.
Your business is taken to a next level.

Unmatched Power 

Based on the built-in features that make your online scheduling considerably easier than ever before. Here are a few of them:

Fully Manage Your Bookings

Auto confirm or manually confirm appointments. Reject, Reschedule, Cancel, Mark as No-Show or Complete. Anytime. Anywhere!

Multi-Location Ready

Whether you have a single location, or you operate at multiple locations, managing your team is super easy. Assign staff members, services, coupons, and anything else to a proper location.

Fully Manage Your Services

Group your services into categories. Assign services to staff members. Add Add-on services. Assign different pricing rules based on the quantity, day, or time.

SMS Notifications

You decide who gets an SMS: You, Your Staff, or Your Client.
For each appointment request, and appointment status change, an SMS notification goes out to the involved parties. That includes appointment reminders, so you can be on time.
No setup required!

Email Notifications at No Extra Charge

Cease every opportunity with automated email reminders. Get an email for each new appointment, and when the status changes. Or, disable it completely.

Manage A Team Of 1, 2, XYZ

Add or invite existing registered users to your team in little to no time. Assign "Manager" role to staff members. Each Staff Member gets a Control Panel to manage their profile.

Offer Promotion Codes

You may want to show some love to your clients by offering them coupons. Create as many coupon codes as you wish. Set value (percent or flat rate); set Expiration Date, the Quantity...

Custom Form Fields

A user's first and last names might not be enough sometimes. Add as many custom fields as you wish to collect the information you need from your clients.
You are in control!

Add Appointment to Your Device

With a single click, you are able to add your online bookings into your favorite calendar app such as GMail, Outlook, just to name a few.

Manage Your Clients

Clients are grouped into two main categories: Registered and Guest. Know which category has the most bookings. Then, see how many bookings each client has.

Run & Export Reports

With a click of button, you are ready to run reports about your Booking Information, Staff Information, Service Information, Category Information, Location Information, just to name a few.
Then copy or export the report into Excel, CSV, or PDF.

And Some More

This page is not enough to list all the features that uFound.Us Booking System offers. The system is powered with multiple time-zones, taxation (percentage or flat rate), beautiful and easy to understand dashboards, and then some more.
Try it for free!

Get Started In As Little As Five Minutes

Unlike the other guys, uFound.Us gives you light speed toward your first online booking.  No waiting period.  No time wasted.  Once you have signed up for a booking package, you are ready to setup your business and accept your first online booking.


ufoundus-lady-workerSimply, Add Your Services and Setup Your Availability

You can take your business to next level effortlessly.  From adding your services to setting up your availability, it takes a few minutes to start accepting bookings online.

If you operate at multiple locations, simply enable the Multi-Location feature and start adding as many locations as you have. Will you be accepting payment online?  Not sure?  No problem.  Set up your payment gateway now, or skip and do it later.  It only takes three minutes.

Thanks to its simplified control panel, getting your booking package ready and running is the first task you will enjoy.



Build & Strengthen Your Team Easily



  • Create staff member profiles and share credentials with them so they can get started;

  • Invite uFound.Us® registered users to join your team. We will tell if a profile you are creating is already registered so you can invite;

  • Remove anyone from your team at anytime;

  • Assign extra managerial access to a staff, and be in full control of your online presence.



Select A Package of Your Choice. No Strings Attached. No Hidden Fees. Cancel Anytime.

Listing Basic Package


Ideal for the local business lovers, and travelers

Free 4 Life! That's right.
  • 5 Monthly Submissions of Your Favorite Businesses
  • Manage Your Listings In A Responsive UI
  • Add  Photos Galery To Your Listings
  • Choose A Template From 7 Listing Templates
  • No Credit Card Required
  • Eligible for 15 Events (worth $5)
  • Limited Support

Standard Package

$ 9.99

Billed Monthly. Ideal for businesses. Save on hosting a website

  • Up to Five Business Listings
  • Facebook Chat With Your Visitors In Real-time
  • Facebook Fan Page
  • Add  Photos Galery To Your Listings
  • Add Your Business Logo
  • Embed Videos
  • Published In Map
  • Add Your Social Media Links: Limited
  • 7 Layouts for Your Business Listings
  • Cancel Anytime. No Hard Questions Asked!
  • Includes 15 Free Events
  • uFound.Us Booking System
  • Featured Listings
  • Limited Support

Professional Package

$ 19.99

Billed Monthly. 15-Day Trial. Includes Booking System. No Hidden Fee!

  • All of the Standard, Plus:
  • Open Table for Your Restaurant
  • Add Coupons
  • Optimized SEO Listing Description
  • Link All Your Social Media Links
  • Chat with Visitor via FB Messenger
  • Featured Listing -- Be on top!
  • Embed Photos and Videos
  • Publish 30 Free Events
  • Ideal for Team of Up To Three Members
  • Single Location Booking System
  • Unlimited Appointments
  • Free Booking Email Notifications
  • Accept Booking Payment via Stripe, Square, PayPal
  • Unlimited Business Locations

Ultra Booking Package

$ 49.99

Billed Monthly. 15-Day Trial. Full Power of uFound.Us Directory and uFound.Us Booking System to take your business to next level

  • Eligible for up to  45 Free Events
  • Timely Support!
  • Unlimited Locations
  • Unlimited Staff Members
  • Unlimited Appointments
  • Unlimited Categories, Services, Addons
  • Unlimited Custom Form Fields
  • Unlimited Email & SMS Notifications
  • Customize Email & SMS Templates
  • Accept Booking Payment: Stripe, Square, PayPal
  • Human-powered Support